Gran Vacation

Weekly Wrap 8. I will try to wrap quickly again. This time it is due to the fact there is not much internet connection at the place we stay in Gran Canaria. So it is difficult to catch some internet and have a blog posted. However, I will definitely definitely make it up for the … Continue reading Gran Vacation

Sweet February.

Weekly Wrap. Week 7. Hope you are doing well and have noticed that days are getting longer and longer. That of course depends, whether you live in northern hemisphere, like myself and are exposed to the "winter time". But in general, every week adds about 30 minutes to a day now: mornings start earlier and … Continue reading Sweet February.

When universe is hostile – diary of a travelling triathlete.

Weekly Wrap. Week 5 Whoa, 4 out of 4 blog posts in month of January. Some of the blogposts came out easily and seamlessly, others started with some struggles, but by the end I was happy about those. In overall, from blogging perspective, January was a successful month and  I hope to continue with the same … Continue reading When universe is hostile – diary of a travelling triathlete.