Hi Everyone,

My name is Edgar Deduchov and I have recently become an Ironman (2016-08-20 Ironman Copenhagen 2016). Afterwards I decided that some of the thoughts, which are racing through my mind during events or training session, could be written down and I decided to start up this blog. I always liked writing something.

My triathlon obsession started in late 2013, where I was still occasionally having a cigarette and did not know how to swim (at all, I would have drowned if you threw me into the lake – glad that nobody did by that time). Bit by bit, I started out and got to a point, where training and thinking triathlon became a bit more, than just an even once a year.

I am married to Dovile Deduchova, we live in Vilnius, Lithuania with 3-legged german shepherd dog Totoro and 3 cats – Filipina, Yoshi and Joncas. When I do not train, I try to spend my free time in a versatile way – whether it would household works, going out with Dovile, travelling, playing games on my Playstation 4 (although, I spend much more time playing videogames, in relation to other activities, however I try to keep it in some moderation and allegiance).

I try to manage and plan my training myself, with the help of my family – wife and father. In addition to all that – I work full-time at Danske Bank Group IT Lithuania as IT Manager, responsible for implementing all the raddest and interesting technologies into banking environment and creating great experiences for my colleagues.

I hope you enjoy my blog,  at this point and time I am trying to get it structured and write a post once a week. Let us see where will it take both me and you. If you have any comments or suggestions – I would be more than happy to receive them, please share it through a comment under the post.

Have a great day!

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