Ironman Copenhagen 2017 Part 1

Weekly Wrap. Week 34 This week was all focused on collecting myself, my thoughts, my stuff at the appartment we were renting and going back home. After week and a half in Denmark, it was finally the time to come back to Vilnius. And after nearly two months of twice-a-day trainings, it is time to … Continue reading Ironman Copenhagen 2017 Part 1

Deduction through one day

Weekly Wrap. Week 33 To mix things up, I will start it off with a bottomline - I should have had a better idea, how to structure tapering weeks and the ones, which will lead me to the race. I had been smashed and up again during this week, sometimes not wanting to do a … Continue reading Deduction through one day

Week 2: Hello darkness, you have never been my friend

Thank you? Thank you! To start things off, I would like to thank every one of you, who have read my first post last week and shared some feedback on it. First of all, feedback was consctructive, helpful and insightful - hopefully I have managed to extract from it and implement some improvements this week. … Continue reading Week 2: Hello darkness, you have never been my friend