Sweet February.

Weekly Wrap. Week 7. Hope you are doing well and have noticed that days are getting longer and longer. That of course depends, whether you live in northern hemisphere, like myself and are exposed to the "winter time". But in general, every week adds about 30 minutes to a day now: mornings start earlier and … Continue reading Sweet February.


Weekly Wrap. Week 6. Past few weeks are proggressively giving me harder times. At one point, I thought that I will not be able to share you with the results of week 6 and my streak of consistant blogpost-a-week would be broken. But I decided not to give up and at least come back with a quick note here. That … Continue reading Shorty.

Ordinary steps towards extraordinary achievement

Weekly Wrap. Week 4. I have spent almost all of this in a business trip to Copenhagen, Denmark, with work-related topics on my shoulders. The good thing about such business trips during winter, is that I can skip the temperatures I despise, while they roam around Lithuania and stay in Denmark, which is warmer, in … Continue reading Ordinary steps towards extraordinary achievement