Ironman Gdynia: kėlionė link kėlionės į Havajus (1 dalis)

Ką tik po finišo - džiaugiuosi, kad pavyko atiduoti viską, ką tą dieną turėjau savyje. Prieš ar po ašarų - nepamenu, pamenu, kad paleido akis tik Kas vyko ir kas buvo suplanuota. Šiais metais "pasileidau plaukus" ir įgyvendinau vieną pokytį po kito ir visi jie vyko labai nuosekliai, labai trumpam laiko tarpe. Lietingą balandžio dieną … Continue reading Ironman Gdynia: kėlionė link kėlionės į Havajus (1 dalis)

Canarification: Triathlon’s Camp Closure

Where was I [Part 3] What a long, strange and fulfilling 4 months have it been since my last post. Even though I have kept the idea in my head for all this time, I was unable to simply sit back and write it down. So many things happened. But that is a good thing! … Continue reading Canarification: Triathlon’s Camp Closure

When universe is hostile – diary of a travelling triathlete.

Weekly Wrap. Week 5 Whoa, 4 out of 4 blog posts in month of January. Some of the blogposts came out easily and seamlessly, others started with some struggles, but by the end I was happy about those. In overall, from blogging perspective, January was a successful month and  I hope to continue with the same … Continue reading When universe is hostile – diary of a travelling triathlete.

Ordinary steps towards extraordinary achievement

Weekly Wrap. Week 4. I have spent almost all of this in a business trip to Copenhagen, Denmark, with work-related topics on my shoulders. The good thing about such business trips during winter, is that I can skip the temperatures I despise, while they roam around Lithuania and stay in Denmark, which is warmer, in … Continue reading Ordinary steps towards extraordinary achievement

Distress, distress, distress into comfort.

Weekly Wrap. Week 3. This week, I am mostly happy that the last week is behind me. Last week included quite a few brutal swims, which pushed forward my boundaries of uneasiness, a 3 hour indoors session and a long run outside with weather bouncing from -12 to -10 degrees in Celsius (10.4 - 14 Fahrenheit). … Continue reading Distress, distress, distress into comfort.