Canarification: Triathlon’s Camp Closure

Where was I [Part 3] What a long, strange and fulfilling 4 months have it been since my last post. Even though I have kept the idea in my head for all this time, I was unable to simply sit back and write it down. So many things happened. But that is a good thing! … Continue reading Canarification: Triathlon’s Camp Closure

Canarification: Triathlete Diary part 4.

Weekly Wrap. Week 13 Week 13 was one of more mellow weeks I had during March. Especially when considering that this week started off on a rest day and who does not like rest days? Only recently I have noticed that due to the way my training weeks are structured, where I am often doing … Continue reading Canarification: Triathlete Diary part 4.

Canarification: Triathlete’s Camp Diary part 2.

Weekly Wrap. Week 11. Journey back home from Lanzarote takes a lot of time, some transfer flights, stays somewhere in between. It almost took me a full day, to travel to Vilnius. I had left Lanzarote on Saturday midday, finishing the camp with a long run alongside my tri-friend, Finbarr. I first flew to Barcelona, … Continue reading Canarification: Triathlete’s Camp Diary part 2.

When universe is hostile – diary of a travelling triathlete.

Weekly Wrap. Week 5 Whoa, 4 out of 4 blog posts in month of January. Some of the blogposts came out easily and seamlessly, others started with some struggles, but by the end I was happy about those. In overall, from blogging perspective, January was a successful month and  I hope to continue with the same … Continue reading When universe is hostile – diary of a travelling triathlete.

Ordinary steps towards extraordinary achievement

Weekly Wrap. Week 4. I have spent almost all of this in a business trip to Copenhagen, Denmark, with work-related topics on my shoulders. The good thing about such business trips during winter, is that I can skip the temperatures I despise, while they roam around Lithuania and stay in Denmark, which is warmer, in … Continue reading Ordinary steps towards extraordinary achievement

Distress, distress, distress into comfort.

Weekly Wrap. Week 3. This week, I am mostly happy that the last week is behind me. Last week included quite a few brutal swims, which pushed forward my boundaries of uneasiness, a 3 hour indoors session and a long run outside with weather bouncing from -12 to -10 degrees in Celsius (10.4 - 14 Fahrenheit). … Continue reading Distress, distress, distress into comfort.